Unified Managed Accounts

Aris Investing’s Unified Managed Accounts (UMA) provides a comprehensive platform for personalized and diversified portfolios. Seamlessly consolidate a variety of investment options within a single account, tailored to every client’s unique financial goals and risk preferences.


Unlock the full potential of investment management with streamlined Unified Managed Accounts (UMA)

Offer portfolios that are tailored, tax-efficient, and have consolidated reporting, providing clients with unparalleled control and insight into their investments. Elevate your advisory approach with UMA's comprehensive solutions for optimal tax-efficient portfolios.

Experience the
power of UMA with
The Aris Advantage


Tax-efficient total portfolio management

Optimize gains and losses with strategic tax management over the entire portfolio as opposed to one sleeve, unlocking enhanced after-tax returns.


Personalized investment strategies

Create personalized investment strategies for each client, aligned with their individual financial goals with ease.


Seamless integration and flexibility

Enhance and streamline strategy integration to tailor tax efficiency, risk control, and customization for responsive client solutions in a single account.

How it works

Advisors tailor diverse portfolios for clients. Aris Investing consolidates these portfolios, forming a centralized portfolio to reduce costs and taxes. Ongoing portfolio activities are managed by Aris Investing, enhancing efficiency. UMA focuses on centralizing tax matters and operational activities for seamless coordination and customization between Aris Investing and advisors.


Strategized design

Advisors handpick equity managers for asset allocation portfolios, incorporating personalized elements like tax management and responsible investing.

Efficient execution

Aris Investing seamlessly establishes connections with selected managers, efficiently incorporating model portfolio updates. Client investments are then aligned with predetermined guidelines, ensuring a strategically executed implementation process.

Integrated portfolio management

We orchestrate administrative logistics, rebalancing, cash flow, and customization, ensuring seamless day-to-day reconciliation, compliance, and consolidated reporting.


Fostering a cutting-edge synergy to maximize post-tax wealth growth.


tax- efficiency
and value


Amplified operational efficiency

Our cutting-edge platform facilitates scalable, integrated access to active managers, ETFs, mutual funds, and market exposures within public equities and fixed income.


Proven value showcase

By entrusting public asset implementation to a central manager, we free up advisors to laser-focus on client objectives and provide value-added services.


Personalized investment paths

We offer the freedom to tailor portfolios across diverse strategies, accommodating constrained or focused stock, varied investment structures, and dynamic tax management.


Simplified investment integration

Seamlessly merging varied asset classes and investments within a singular account, we offer clarity through streamlined documentation, succinct statements, and comprehensive reports.


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