Why invest with
Aris Investing?


Tailored investment solutions for your journey

Discover personalized investment strategies designed to align with your financial goals and aspirations.


Redefined efficiency by tax-optimized investments

Navigate the complexities of taxes effortlessly with our technology-driven approach, ensuring your investments work harder and smarter for you.


Intelligent rebalancing to enhance your client's portfolio performance

Harness the power of automated portfolio rebalancing to maintain optimal asset allocation, even in ever-changing market landscapes.

Discover the power of personalization with our Tax-SmartSMA Portal

Recognizing that no one size fits all, we provide bespoke solutions tailored to your client's unique situation. Our industrial-grade, tax-efficient portfolio management platform ensures precision and flexibility, delivering a truly personalized investment journey.


Solutions that
scale and save


Direct Indexing

Customize portfolios for tax optimization, unlocking substantial savings and returns.


Model Portfolios

Craft tailored strategies for clients, maximizing tax benefits and scaling opportunities.


Unified Managed Accounts

Efficiently manage investments while saving on taxes, enabling scalable growth.

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revolution now.

Proprietary models
and index selection

Our dedicated RIA investment team meticulously selects from our range of proprietary models or passive indexes, setting the foundation for your portfolio's success.


Customization guardrails

The RIA Committee sets customization rules that match your goals, creating a tailored rebalancing policy.



Your dedicated RIA advisor customizes indexes for individual accounts, applying adjustments that align with your goals.

Expert monitoring and compliance

Aris portfolio managers monitor trades, make tax-informed decisions, track error impact, and maintain client profiles. Their compliance system reviews trades daily, identifying potential policy actions.

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Why Aris Investing?

Each client is unique, warranting a unique path to their financial goals. Hence we go the extra mile to build an SMA platform that harnesses the power of investment technology.

Tax-efficient portfolio design

Craft portfolios for optimal tax strategies.

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