Direct Indexing

Tailored investing redefined

Direct Indexing is a revolutionary investment approach that allows you to own individual securities directly, mirroring the composition of a market index. It's a strategy that brings personalization and control to your investment portfolio.

Direct Index

What makes Direct Indexingso compelling?

Power of Direct Indexing

Direct Indexing empowers you to customize your investments like never before. You gain fine-grained control over your portfolio, optimizing for tax efficiency, incorporating your values, and aligning with your unique financial goals.

Experience the Power of Direct Indexing with
The Aris Advantage


Unlock enhanced returns

Harness the power of efficient tax management for stronger after-tax excess gains.


Embrace versatility

Diversify, optimize charitable contributions, and navigate concentrated positions with newfound flexibility.


Craft your vision

In Direct Indexing, customization reigns supreme. Blend equities and fixed income benchmarks for aligned exposure. 


Align with values

From responsible investing screens to proactive proxy voting, shape your client portfolios that reflect their unique values.

Which investors flourish withAris Investing'sDirect Indexing?


Tailored strategy seekers

Investors seeking personalized solutions tailored to their financial aspirations.


Tax-efficiency enthusiasts

Individuals keen on maximizing after-tax returns through strategic tax management.


Customization seekers

Those desiring granular customization options across their investment strategies.


Flexible portfolio builders

Investors wanting to optimize their portfolio through diversified positions and unique strategies.


Values-aligned visionaries

Those dedicated to aligning their investments with their ethical and environmental principles.


Strategic wealth builders

Investors aiming to amplify wealth growth by leveraging Direct Indexing's capabilities.

Explore how Aris Investing's Direct Indexing can empower you to serve your clients to achieve their investment goals with precision and purpose.


Elevate your financial journey with Aris Investing's Direct Indexing

A tailored approach to investment that amplifies returns, enhances flexibility, and embodies your values.


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